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After reading these 11 Wisconsin state laws, you’ll probably find your imagination running a little wild.

But at the very least, I hope we get a laugh outta ya. But as far as we know, the following laws are real statutes that came straight from the Wisconsin State Legislature.

So if you think any of these Wisconsin laws are false – let us know in the comments.She attended De La Salle High School in St Helens, but she left in 2006 to focus on her acting career.This Israeli actress was first known as the representative of Israel in 2004 Miss Universe Pageant.No matter how different our opinions are when it comes to beauty, we cannot deny the fact that these 100 women are beautiful, attractive and definitely hot!First gained attention at the end of 2011 when she was named sexiest student in Britain by Loaded, Danielle Sharp was born in Grimsby, England.Well, compiling a list of the most beautiful women in the world is not that easy.


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