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Does anyone please have access to the Hagstrom book that is referred to in this forum, and would you mind terribly if I asked if you would kindly be able to look it up for me.I hope this is not an inapproriate request, I realise that everyone is very busy, but this has been one of my favourite accoustics for almost 40 years, and I would like to know a little more about its origin.I have always been curious about the year of manufacture.I see from this forum that there is no easy way to tell the year of manufacture from the s/n.The Tokai Registry categories are broken down by name of the guitar manufacturer being copied.These include: Link To US Site designed and maintained by Edward Cullen.Other benefits to including your guitar in the Registry include: You can enter your guitar into the Tokai Registry and search through the existing entries.Please enter your guitar using the proper input page.

In 1959 the stereo-equipped ES-345 came along, as did the less costly ES-330.A lower price made it popular in mid-sixties beat group-era Britain, but a subsequent shift in fashion and playing styles saw sales suffer and ES-330TD production ceased in 1972.Although seen by many players as a poor relation to Gibson's other twin-cutaway semis of the sixties, the ES-330TD has certainly had its fair share of fans, likewise even more fashionable close cousin, the Epiphone Casino.This should give the casual owner the ability to estimate when their instrument was produced.Gibson again has possession of the original serial number logs.This section is the basis of the site and so far it seems to be working!


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