Dating urii gatchina

During the 1790s, Paul expanded and rebuilt much of the palace, and renovated interiors in the sumptuous Neoclassical style (illustration, left).

Paul I graced the park with numerous additions, bridges, gates, and pavilions, such as "The Isle of Love", "The Private garden", "The Holland garden" and "The Labyrinth" among many other additions.

When Andrey Bogolyubsky left Vyshgorod for Vladimir he took with him the Our Lady of Vyshgorod Icon which was reportedly painted by St Luke the Evangelist and given to Yuri Dolgoruky by the patriarch of Constantinople.

The icon became known as the Our Lady of Vladimir Icon and would become Russia's most sacred relic.

Catherine the Great took such a great liking to the Gatchina Palace and park that, at Orlov's death in 1783, she bought it from his heirs and presented it to her son, the future Tsar Paul I. He invested considerable resources and used his experience from his travels around Europe to make Gatchina an exemplary palace and town.He was born in Gatchina to Emperor Paul I and Empress Maria Feodorovna.He was a younger brother to Alexander I of Russia and Grand Duke Constantine Pavlovich of Russia.That manifesto named December 1 as official date of his reign start.During that confusion a plot was hatched by the military to overthrow Nicholas and to usurp power.This date has now been officially adopted as the date of foundation of Vladimir.


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