Who is deitrick haddon dating

”All in all, the missus is handling the surprise announcement graciously.“Thank you all for the continuous love & support,” she said.(EEW Magazine) Deitrick and Dominique Haddon are expecting their third child together.

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Listen to some of the best songs from the journey thus far…"It does not feel good when people make comments saying that I left my wife for a younger woman and a baby!!It's simply not the truth & the truth is recorded in heaven! "The reality of it is, I'm not the first person that has gone through a divorce and I'm certainly not the last. So you have to move on beyond your failures, your mistakes.Clarence wonders why Deitrick thinks it is alright to tell him how to run his ministry.Noel understands completely…an entourage isn't a bad thing.The song tells of a soulful singer who is “strumming my life with his fingers; singing my life with his words...


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