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This may result in applications that rely on Web View not functioning properly.To avoid this, you should always keep Web View up-to-date.Anyways, about 8 months ago it was on their list of products that would be skipping straight to key lime pie (5.0) so to answer your question yes there is an update to 4.2 for it and I personally feel there wont be one for 5.By the time KLP comes out this will be a 2yr old product and beyond its development lifecycle. I recommend to skip all Samsung tablets - if they even cannot keep their premium tablets updated, don't bother! When I purchased the note 10.1 when they were first released, samsung promised to keep the tablet up to date for at least 5 years.The certificate warnings displayed in the browser recently are due to an error that prevents the correct validation of SSL certificates issued by Symantec and the associated certification authorities Geo Trust and Thawte.A media app that runs on a TV needs to allow users to browse its content offerings, make a selection, and start playing content.And just like an outdated Java version, Web View may cause problems or contain security flaws if it is not kept up-to-date.

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Should you unplug or cancel the update process before completion, your smartphone may be unusable and you may need to restart the update process to regain use of your device.

The content browsing experience for apps of this type should be simple and intuitive, as well as visually pleasing and engaging.

This lesson discusses how to use the classes provided by the v17 leanback support library to implement a user interface for browsing music or videos from your app's media catalog. The Leanback sample app browse fragment displays video catalog data.

@Override public void on Activity Created(Bundle saved Instance State) ...

private void prepare Background Manager() private void setup UIElements() private void load Video Data() private void setup Event Listeners() ...


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