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A series of chants, grunts and stomps from some wedding guests, along with chest thumps and tongue wagging, recently drove one New Zealand bride to tears.

It also prompted her and the groom to join their loved ones in the rousing ritual.

As we build this page we intend to have more original songs and chants written for specific moments throughout games so that we can continue to build a unique soundtrack to be heard each week at the Rio T.

Our intent is for RSL fans and supporters everywhere come up with as many new, original chants as possible that can live on throughout the years. This is another 100% original RSL pride song that can be sung at anytime to show our love for this club.

“That’s why we jumped in at the end to show our love and respect back.” A video of the dance quickly racked up more than 26 million times after being posted Jan. A haka is a traditional war cry and chant originally used to intimidate tribal opponents and enemies with loud shouts, chest thumps and exaggerated facial features and movements.

In current times, it often is performed to welcome guests or at special occasions, like weddings and funerals.

Hey RSL Nation, I have teamed up with fellow RSL fans and supporters groups in an effort to build an official RSL chant page embraced by our club.

Here are 10 other famous chants from all of sports: 10.For every report which emanated speaking of Russian brutality, there was another claiming overzealousness on the part of the local police.But no amount of either can excuse the behaviour of the English fans who kicked, punched, chanted or intimidated their way into Euro 2016 notoriety.The Mets were 27 games ahead going into the playoffs and the team had very high expectations.The calls are : Go Preds Go - Murray, you suck - It's all your fault. The last part is especially intimidating, because a goalie always feel ultimately responsible for goals, being the last player to get a chance to stop the puck. Last week, fans of the Minnesota Vikings American football team unveiled a new group chant to inspire their players.


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