Are amazingphil and danisnotonfire dating

Since fans see the apartment in almost every single video they post, many were emotional and sad about the news.

They showed a terrifying disembodied Dil head as an example.

And please sign my guest book I want to know who all my stalkers are!

A woman is a man's platonic friend if she's his best friend (or a very close friend of his), but nothing more.

This has been a topic that everyone in the Phandom has wondered about, whether they shipped “Phan” or not.

This next topic on this blog will cover the sexual preference of one, Dan Howell.

Dan was shocked by the revelation that they spent so much time living there. ” They reminded fans what they used to look like when they originally moved in. “We have too much miscellaneous s***,” Dan revealed.

We have spent too many hours here.” Phil reminded fans that they have lived in their London apartment for a whopping five years. We’re dying.” Dan told fans that they have outgrown the location. ” Firstly, they complained that the apartment was impossible to store things in due to a lack of storage space.

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Sorry people who have no idea what this is about,” Dodie tweeted in response to fans. “I hung out with a friend from high school, who I haven’t seen in a while.” He asked her what his old high school friends were up to.And yes, contrary to what's been said earlier, men CAN have platonic friends, just like women.person1: Ashley and Brandon are so close to each other, they spend all of their time together. Person2: Not necessarily, i asked Ashley yesterday and she told me that there was nothing between them, they're just platonic friends.NEW blog launched in late 2013 with all the latest hot gossip on You Tubers from Amazing Phil to Zoella.Email us tips '[email protected]' Notice: Gossip or commentary does not constitute 'harassment'.Poor Dan Howell, who recently accidentally declared he was a bottom – has done it again. And this person got fired from their job.” “I was like…you kind of unleashed everything.” Dan said the girl asked him how he was doing, but he was hesitant to reveal anything.


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