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If the former then you could, would be a funny project.note- I don't recall if the spam one I got was a future one that stuck as new, or a past one that stuck as the first email. Barlop said "But the email client used the funny one." I've seen Thunderbird do just that -- display the date/time from the sender's system -- but Gmail on the web, as well as many other sites, don't use the same header field.Windows Live Mail, Microsoft Outlook, the old Outlook Express 6 and the latest version of Mozilla Thunderbird do allow drag-in/out copying of emails from the client to the desktop. Here is what the forwarded message looks like in the inbox: What I want to do here is change this so it reflects the original send date.To get this information, I open up the email: The original send date was September 28, 2010 at pm.However, you can't change the send time for a Gmail message to a time in the past, nor schedule a message to be sent automatically. Input at least one recipient's email address, as well as a subject for the message.

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Any email you send to the past appears in the proper chronological order in your recipient's inbox.

Email is now regarded as legally binding and one of the reasons for that is the ability to track the real time and date of transmission as well as the sender and the email contents.

So unfortunately, if you missed a deadline sending an email with a previous date just isn’t going to work.

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If I set the system time of my computer to a datetime in the past and send an email then the recipient will see that time as send-date-time. With the spam emails with false dates, I don't recall the year but I think it may have been a very early year, so as to get to be my allegedly oldest emails(thus having some strange prominence).


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