Who is lc from laguna beach dating

We've got our new Stephen, our new Lauren, but characters drawing the most comparisons are Juliette from .Although it originally looked like Juliette was going to be the Lauren Conrad of the show, fans were quick to pick up on her more Cavallarian tendencies in the pilot episode.Like LC did at the beginning of , Juliette narrates the 20-something social scene of her friend group and we see all the drama through her eyes.But the narration duties is pretty much where the LC comparison ends.so, we respected her wish to move on, and totally understood it, and embraced it, but, yeah, there was that moment where we said, ‘Do we still do the show?’ And, clearly, the show went on, and continued to do well. Definitely not.” The show ran for a season and a half more, but with Conrad’s The series famously ended with Brody Jenner standing in front of what turned out to be a backdrop of the Hollywood Hills and Hollywood sign as Cavallari drove away.turns 10 years old on May 31, and in honor of the anniversary, we’re looking back with the stars and minds behind the iconic show. but that’s not really an intimate view of what goes on in their lives every day.

Almost 12 years after the show ended, Kristin finally dishes in her book, “Balancing in Heels: My Journey to Health, Happiness, and Making it all Work,” on what it was like to live in a reality show.

“[Creator] Adam Di Vello and I disagreed over which ending should air … But we knew we had something special because it confused people.” Gateley says she pushed back, telling her bosses the editing would fill in the story holes they wanted the interviews to cover.

[we] always talked about, how are we going to end it? “That’s where the editors also were our storytellers,” she says.

I’m not as in tune as maybe I should be,” he said about the Kim-Taylor-Kanye controversy.

“I know that there’s Snapchat, but I don’t have a Snapchat, and I heard it was Snapchat about Taylor being recorded? “How many people would need to ask their husbands and wives, ‘Hey, I’m moving back to Laguna for a year because we’re going to do the movie.


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