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As soon as you tweak the photo, though — say, adjust the exposure in Photoshop — the data disappears.That’s part of what’s interesting about the show, too. Cellphone cameras take less-than-perfect stills — the shots are often grainy, control of exposure is limited, cropping tools are nil, etc.And you know that if the 24/7 tether is de rigueurin rural Vermont, it’s truly universal. Proof positive that the mobile has gone global: A gallery in another rural Green Mountain town — Stowe — has attracted people worldwide to participate in one of the first cellphone photography shows held in the U. Odin Cathcart, the new exhibitions director of the Helen Day Art Center, invited thousands of ordinary, on-the-fly-image-snapping cellphone users to send their favorite pics for the show he dubbed “The Relentless Eye: Global Cellphone Photography 2009.” Cathcart gave it the full-court Internet press — he advertised on 50 call-to-artist websites, Twittered and Facebooked for a solid week, and posted Craigslist notices on every continent but Antarctica. Cathcart admits the project took on a life of its own.

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I’m a feminist, environmentalist and a vegetarian who likes jazz, and I’ve heard I can be sanctimonious.

Ever since Canon introduced its original 'Digital Rebel' back in August 2003 - famously the first 'affordable' digital SLR - the company has continually developed and refined its entry-level line with ever-more-frequent releases, adding in more and more features in the process.

So true to form, almost precisely a year to the day after the advent of the EOS Rebel T2i / 550D Canon launched its next model, predictably named the EOS Rebel T3i / 600D.

As usual the 550D remains in Canon's range at a lower price point, with the EOS 1100D slotting in beneath it to round off the company's offerings to entry-level SLR users.

The new kid on the block can most succinctly be described as a 550D with an articulated screen, that also incorporates many of the beginner-friendly features we first saw on the more enthusiast-orientated EOS 60D.


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