Dating fender pro jr

My target is to radically improve the harp tone of the Pro Junior with, say, a hundred dollars worth of parts and with me -- a lay tinkerer -- doing all the work.

You can dial up instant distorted tones simply by cranking the volume knob, or keep it mellow for quieter woodshedding sessions.The Fender Pro Junior III amp is a perfect choice for home, stage or studio.Guitarists from decades past have created some of the most memorable studio tones through similar low-wattage tube amps by cranking them up with glorious results.I have a Fender Blues Junior amp with reverb, master volume, treble, bass, and midrange dials, and a fat switch. I bought the amp in 1999, and am wondering the year of manufacture and any other interesting facts about he amp.It's been working in my studio for the last 11 years and sounds as good as ever.This particular Pro Junior looks to be completely original, and it is in excellent shape, the tolex and grill unmarked. I’ll try both a new 12AX7 and the 12DW7 I still have lying around from my Twin Reverb project. I don’t want to go with my favorite, the Weber 10A125-O, for two reasons: It is rather expensive and I already use it in my silver face Champ (it sounds amazing).


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