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Since this page is devoted to Ventura branded guitars, which were mostly made in the 1970's, the comments below apply to that era, but may also apply to earlier or later Japanese guitars.

The plain truth is that; most Japanese guitar manufacturers were "contract houses" that made guitars to the specifications of the "trading companies" (Japanese middlemen) that took orders from the American companies that were importing them (such as C. This resulted in a wide variety of qualities in guitars shipped by most of the "contract houses".

I've even seen respectable quality guitars that came from Teisco (Kawai), though most of their product was at the lower end of the scale.

So, similar or identical parts may be seen on guitars built in different factories.

Conclusion: Just because two guitars have similar parts or even construction, does not necessarily mean they were manufactured in the same factory, or even by the same company.

Made in Japan (MIJ) by Fujigen-gakki Notable premium features: Japan only / Domestic model ST57-115 was the top flagship model Highly collectible and sought after first issue decal Premium Nitrocellulose lacquer finish Factory installed Fender U. SO THE SAME PEOPLE WHO BUILD THE GRECO'S LATER WERE BUILDENG THE FENDERS.

This model is an exact replica of the Fender 3 bolt big headstock Stratocaster and way back in the early 80's, Japan build better guitars then their USA counterfeits like Fernandes, Tokai, Greco and JV Squier. It has all the typical features of a 70's 'ST' and is 100% original with it's original hard case.


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