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Most 19th-century marks are printed, often in blue under the glaze when the main design is also in underglaze are several general rules for dating ceramic marks, attention to which will avoid several common errors.Printed marks incorporating the Royal Arms are of 19th or 20th century date.A group for collectors and lovers of Minton wares makes a lot of sense.Minton is highly collected in many categories and is on display in elite museums.Antique English Staffordshire platter made by Minton.The registration mark on the back of the platter is part of the Minton pottery mark and dates this platter to 1871.In fact several pieces of what we would now call Secessionist had been made before 1903 but introduced under different product names such as ‘Klyso’, ‘Argentea’ and ‘Anglosia’.

The camaraderie and friendships found in these groups last well beyond the collecting years of the members.Minton from 1796 and during its nearly two hundred year history, has been a very important Stoke firm that has traded under various styles.After Herbert Mintons death in 1858 the Minton name continued as the Company name but no Minton family member has been connected with the firm since.In 2009 the brand was bought by KPS Capital Partners of New York and became part of WWRD Holdings. he object of a ceramic trade mark is to enable at least the retailer to know the name of the manufacturer of the object, so that re-orders, etc., can be correctly addressed.Minton china has been made in the Staffordshire region of England from 1796 to the present. Minton majolica is listed in this book in the Majolica category. ff3=4&toolid=10044&campid=5336649018&customid=minton&lgeo=1&mpre=


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