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Harold Dieterle has announced that Kin Shop, his acclaimed Thai concept, will shutter before Thanksgiving, and Perilla’s closure will follow in early December.Around this time last year, Dieterle closed the Marrow after a less-than-two-year run."I'm totally freaked out about being a dad," he explained at the time.

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Has running a small neighborhood restaurant in New York become untenable?Back in the late aughts, city dwellers largely expected the best Thai fare to come from -and-under joints in Queens and the East Village, from venues like Sripraphai, Ayada, and Zabb City, where the affordability of the dishes and the traditions underpinning them, whether real or perceived ("make it Thai spicy") took precedence over creativity, the chef's laurels, and the growing focus on sourcing that was so prevalent among American restaurants.Dieterle helped change that narrative when he opened Kin Shop in 2010.And if just trying to fly back in time for the birth wasn't stressful enough, the NYC-area chef had to deal with recent Winter Storm Jonas.spoke to Harold back in November, when he opened up about being a first-time dad.In October 2005, Dieterle competed in and won the first season of Top Chef.


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