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Last but not least, why do you want a 24hr online if you're not using p2p? excuse my stupidity, please spend another 1 minute to answer my stupid question, coz i'm really new in networking:1. No iptables though (there is a routing table)problem is i dunno what to put into the text fields.

If he wants to use p2p or so called 'fair' bandwidth, he can always go ahead and install a line by himself. For the iptables rule, i just activate DHCP and assign him a dynamic IP that's all? we r now both happier surfers check it out i'm using an aztech 600eu right now and it is equip with Qo S.

The logical route for today’s concerned, yet lazy, parent, is to shell out hundreds of bucks for some off-the-shelf piece of software that they can install on their kid’s computer.

The problem is that a quick Google search reveals a dozen workarounds for even the most expensive parental censoring spy tools.

He begged me to share the line with him coz he said he just want to sometimes surf the net and chat with msn, and he promised that he's not going to use p2p. Iptables , u can drop all the packets , and the connections (e.g if he tries to connect more then 10 connections in a certain port , bam.connection drops..meaing that his bt will stuck at 0kb/s.he connects more then 10 connections , but if he connects 1.might able to download it at a very slow speed). Surely this expensive router can't be that lousy? lol..shanelai, I ran the patch and it reports that Win2k doesn't have this limitation. Hyper WRT is an open-source 3rd party firmware for ur Linksys. correct me if I am wrong i dont know if this is possible, but if you really want to do so, you can try to talk to tmnet, tell them to uncap your DSLAM speed, you should get 8mbps, then apply for four streamyx accounts, so if each is using 1mbps, then your line is transfering 4mbps. they shared 8 ppls~ Mhahahaaa i remember long time ago someone in mentioned b4 there is a software that can seperate the internet speed to different pc. Same as mine, streamyx connection are shared among 4 housemates.

First of all, my housemate couldn't afford to subscribe a new line because of the initial activation and installation fees. Qo S is found in routers.method to control bandwidth2. I'm pinging my Linksys WRT54G on a wired connection. the IP buffer is overloaded due to long timeout due to the huge number of IP connection a p2p program (BT for instance) would trigger, hence making ur web browsing paralysed.consider flashing ur linksys to Hyper WRT, so as to add the functionally of startup script. Launched Bit Comet with all my downloads (8) loading. The drastic action taken is I totally block them through MAC address in the router at the specific hour. if you are using thoose tmnuts modem , like kasda or zte if i am not mistaken there is some kind of quota bandwith balancing or something , shit cannot remember the name now - you just have to set the max and min bandwith for each ip ... im soloing and rest of my friend suffering very 'fast' internet. or perhaps the person who provide the solution can see this post and answer your question.

I recently bought a new Linksys wireless router and after setting it up with basic WEP security, I tried to logon from my laptop and was successful! So then I tried to connect from my desktop computer that has a wireless USB adapter attached to it and I ended up getting this error message: Fabulous! I checked my settings on the wireless router to make sure I didn’t accidentally setup certificate security, but found no such thing.

From porn and bomb-building guides to Facebook and Twitter, the Internet is a vast cornucopia of potentially hazardous material.

For each detected network, it displays the following information: SSID, Last Signal Quality, Average Signal Quality, Detection Counter, Authentication Algorithm, Cipher Algorithm, MAC Address, RSSI, Channel Frequency, Channel Number, and more.

Wireless network adapter and wireless card driver that works with the built-in wireless support of Windows XP/Vista/7/2008.

For the most part, I’m of the opinion that a little bit of minor mischief is harmless, and perhaps even character building, as long as they come out relatively unscathed.

But if you’re interested in sheltering your child, there’s an equally lavish smorgasbord of parental control and net nannying tools at your disposal.


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