John bimson redating the exodus

Rohl asserts that the New Chronology allows him to identify some of the characters in the Hebrew Bible with people whose names appear in archaeological finds.

The New Chronology, one of several proposed radical revisions of the conventional chronology, has not been accepted in academic Egyptology, where the conventional chronology or small variations of it remain standard.

She concluded that the double wall of his last (fourth) City could not be dated to 1400BC in the Middle Bronze Age but rather to the Early Bronze Age (EBIII) which she dated as terminating around 2100BC, a difference of some 700 years.

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A Test of Time proposes a down-dating (bringing closer to the present), by several centuries, of the New Kingdom of Egypt, thus requiring a major revision of the conventional chronology of ancient Egypt.One of the most important discoveries that relate to the time of the Exodus is the Merneptah stele which dates to about 1210 BC. "Rainey's Challenge." Biblical Archaeology Review 17:6 (November/December). Merneptah, the king of Egypt, boasts that he has destroyed his enemies in Canaan. Last week we saw that in the 1930s the most eminent archaeologist of the day Professor Garstang (who is still extremely well regarded by archaeologists and especially Egyptologists) saw the archaeology of Jericho as confirming the Biblical account of its destruction.His findings however caused a number of difficulties for Egyptologists.If the conquest took place during the XVIIIth dynasty of Egypt, where was the evidence of building in the Delta by the Children of Israel during this era.


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