Updating kalyway

After that - steps 8-9 Formatting is need only when Your hdd was occupied by vista or something else non-XFS based OS Another way is to buy USB2SATA adapter and install Leopard onto internal hdd plugged as external removable disk via that adapter.

You need to install bootloader as described in steps 8-9 Try to boot again into instalation DVD and start terminal from the installer menu at the top.

In the next screen, you need to select the partition for installation.

Also this solution can be usefull for Your to resrore Your crashed system after unsuccessfull driver or any kext installation or modification. However when I try to partition the hard drive with the mac disk utility it keeps saying the resource is busy. 60 gb for XP 20gb for leopard and the rest for backup files.

When the PC restarts, don’t click anything, even when you are prompted to install Mac.

Remove the Live CD and replace with the i ATKOS DVD.

alc889a_shutdown_support ALC882_p5w_dh_deluxe sigmatel_9200_inspiron_9400 adium archives candybar change Finder colloquy fairmount Growl Gmail Notifier kext Helper B7 onyx Iphoto macam_iusbcam Mac The Ripper Mojo Proxi pacifist perian ppfomatic Simply Burns solarseek stuffit Expander textmate transmission vlc xbench cpus=1 flag Francais_pc_keyboard_layout Time Machine Fix Power Management_bundle (don't install it if you have select sse2 patch !!!

Some of you may have read my previous experience installing OS X Tiger on “whitebox” computers.


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