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After seeing this and going with miley to a party, jackson see's that being the new "Hottie" of hannah montana has it's advantages he completely disregards the fact that underneat the wig is his little sister.

When ever hannah tries to break it off to the public jackson finds some way to turn her words upside down and make them seem like Hollywoods Hottest Couple!

Linley's character led an emotional rollercoaster, from his arrogant personality, to romantic moments like his first kiss with Miley, to that dreaded cheating scandal — not to mention the love triangle that inadvertently developed between Jake, Miley, and Jesse (Drew Roy).

So, what's it like to play Miley's TV boyfriend for four years? In an interview with MTV News, Linley fondly remembered his time spent with Cyrus, describing her as "super sweet" and "very fun;" someone who "taught [him] how to have fun on set and just, you know, laugh." During lunch breaks, the cast would rock out to in Cyrus's room, play the piano together, and even try their hand at ping pong. Later in the series, Linley's character appeared more sporadically, but he said there was always the same vibe when he returned, and everyone was continuously grateful for the show's success.

Now, Linley is saying that he thinks Disney missed the boat with that relationship.

It was a relationship he still believes in to this day, 10 years later.

The two were childhood friends who ended up dating before he found out she was hiding her secret (and cash tbh) from him.

It was a show full of big secrets, blonde wigs, good friends, and cute boys.He also give Cyrus' character, Miley Stewart, her first kiss.But hearts broke everywhere when Stewart realized he was cheating on her, and his character left the show.One memorable character on the show was Jake Ryan, played by Cody Linley.He had the blonde surfer boy hair, and confident teen actor ego.Cue Jake Ryan (Cody Linley), a teen dreamboat who just so happened to be a famous actor.


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