How to stop quickbooks from updating

QBW company files (most importantly, have the answer to this question: “Are the client files going to reside on the same server the client logs into or is there a dedicated file server the client will be using?

”) If you do not have a setup file or think the one you have is severely out of date, download the Accountant’s version setup file from Intuit's website.

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or Error Windows Update was disabled by your system administrator.

Recently, even though I didn't want to upgrade, I was forced into changing from Desktop Pro 2014 to Desktop Pro 2017 in order to be able to continue with bank downloads for the many companies I do work for, because Quickbooks said they were no longer going to support that feature in the 2014 product.

I felt that this was a very sneaky way of getting you to pay again for a product you already own, and one that already works great for you.

Windows Firewall can block these services, preventing normal multi-user operation.

Some common Quick Books errors that may be associated with firewall issues are listed at the bottom of this post.


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