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Japanese is very friendly to make friend with people outside Japan,though they also don’t have much chance.Of course not all Japanese can speak English,but most Japanese can speak a little English and there is no border to make friend.This payout applies only to NEWLY referred German IP users.On transactions coming outside of Germany, still our normal payout rates apply (ex: Lifetime Revshare, White label, PPS or CPL) Argentina, Austria, Bahrain, Chile, Gibraltar, Japan, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Malta, Oman, Poland, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Turkey, Singapore, Republic Of Korea, Hong Kong, Brazil, Greece, Mexico, Estonia, Croatia On top of our Cam payout programs above, Cams Power pays you commissions on other services if your traffic converts on one of them (Dating, VOD, Sexshop). Radiation at Fukushima nuclear power station rising to 1,000 times normal levels, according to unconfirmed reports. Experts say the No1 Reactor at the nuclear plant is 40 years old. Japan's waking up to the devastation of yesterday. More reports of missing trains: four now declared missing, one derailed.

Clear examples are emerging of how well prepared Japan is for earthquakes: cupboards with sensors which automatically lock to prevent their contents causing damage, and a man running a china shop who sells vases for up to £5,000 who hadn't lost a single plate.

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The Independent newspaper is quoting reports of tens of thousands of people missing. What appeared to be a relatively controllable problem at the Fukushima facility is starting to look more serious.

Mark Hibbs, of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said if the cooling systems were not repaired within 24 hours, the plant risked a “definite danger of a core meltdown", with the “ultimate worst-case” was a “Chernobyl scenario” with explosions destroying the reactor.


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