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They are building their reputation around their signature sound and high energy performances.Their vast influences and backgrounds allow them to transform well-known songs into their own.Robert Gentry and Andrew Snelling for polonium radiohalos.While both believe that these phenomena provide evidence for a young earth, Robert Gentry, refers to them as “Fingerprints of Creation” ( etched by God into granite during the creation week. Andrew Snelling, on the other hand, speculates that polonium radiohalos found in metamorphic rock formed during the Genesis Flood, and an episode of “grossly accelerated In review, radiohalos are areas of discoloration found in rocks containing radioactive elements that undergo alpha decay.Alpha particles are ejected with an energy characteristic of the parent radioactive element.An ejected alpha particle travels away from the parent atom until its kinetic energy is gone.

All of the radiohalos contain either holes or zircons at their center and majority appear to be made from polonium.

Once at rest, the alpha particle extracts electrons from the surrounding rock thereby discoloring the rock and becoming a helium atom.

The alpha particles are emitted randomly in all directions but stop at the same distance from the parent (Figure 1).

RADIO HALO made their debut at The Pond in January 2016 and blew away everyone who saw them!

A HIGH ENERGY band, Radio Halo consists of four established musicians (Dave, Rich, Dom, BLT) with varying musical backgrounds and interests.


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