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All projects have alternatives, and examining at least some of these options is key to opportunity management, also discussed in this chapter.

On other projects, you might do only certain components.

Kathy Schwalbe was a Professor in the Department of Business Administration at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, where she taught courses in project management, problem solving for business, systems analysis and design, information systems projects, and electronic commerce.

She worked for 10 years in industry before entering academia in 1991.

This part of the planning process relates to risk management in several ways, but two aspects are particularly important.

First, the process of replanning to deal with constraints nearly always creates project risk, as minimizing one parameter of a project often leads to more pressure on other aspects of the work, creating additional exposures, failure modes, and potential problems.

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You can embed your project management timeline in this template an also use the slide design for other project management documentation templates to keep records of your project milestones. group is a place where the two communities come together.The contributors to this group come from a wide variety of backgrounds.A recent thread discussed the applicability of agile practices in traditional project management environments as described by the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK).(This reporter apologizes in advance for the long quotes, this is an intense topic that was difficult to paraphrase.) Michael James quotes the PMBOK: About once per season I encounter the belief that the PMBOK doesn't contradict agile approaches. (reposting) Here are some quotes from the PMBOK Guide Fourth Edition suggesting the unsuitability of "project management" to product development with Scrum: It seems a bit brash if our recommendations to Project Managers is to not manage projects.She was named Educator of the Year in 2011 by the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) Education Special Interest Group (EDSIG).


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