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Despite being surrounded by popular notions about sex, it can be difficult to decipher healthy sexuality from dysfunction and differentiate between appropriate sexual behaviors and unrealistic expectations that can tarnish our love lives or cause us to feel inadequate.

Sexuality is much more than the act of sex — it is an emotional bonding experience for couples and leads to a multitude of psychological, mental, physical, and marital benefits.

Der Sommer spannt die Segel / und schmückt sich dem zu Lob, /der Lilienfeld und Vögel / zu Gleichnissen erhob.

/Der Botschaft hingegeben, / stimmt fröhlich mit uns ein: /Wie schön ist es, zu leben / und Gottes Kind zu sein!

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Research also finds that 50-55% of married couples experience sexual problems.

Anger, shame, tension, secrecy, and anxiety can easily inhibit sexual desire in relationships and create sexual dysfunction.


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