Online dating video cat lover

"There are a lot of people out there who want to meet others who share a common interest like pets," says Robert Yau, who founded Date My five years ago and more recently started the social networking site My Cat

The flipside is that we sometimes take a while to warm up to you, however once we do, we’re very loyal. This isn’t to say that we’re stingy with our affection, we just know how to keep you coming back for more, which keeps things interesting. Anyone who’s ever lived with a cat (and loved it) is a master in the art of patience, because as much as we love our furry little feline friends, they can be super annoying.

Telegraph readers are more likely to be male, over 60, work in business, finance or the military, be well-off and live in the south, according to the survey.

They are right-of-centre in their political outlook, are always on the look-out for profitable ways to invest their cash - of which they tend to have a bit spare - are loath to let their families eat junk food and don't mind paying extra good quality products, especially if they have good provenance.

Get some bonus catification ideas from the sequel, what to do with that leftover cat fur that basically rules your life. Published by National Geographic, and the cat Bob, who he rescued. Not to mention, most of the ideas — such as bringing in rocks from the outdoors, building obstacle courses, and more — are easy to make with household items.

Don’t worry, there are instructions on how to wash and hang dry that shed fur before crafting it into cute little knick knacks such as finger puppets, pin cushions, and much more. Each behavior gets its own page and features a photo and explanation of the cat’s intended communication. If you’re the DIY type and this book doesn’t have enough ideas, also check out for adults will be right up your alley.


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