Indean girl face book sax chat

Most of these arrests were for posting controversial remarks or photos, while some were for sharing, commenting on or liking such posts.

It was an alien lingo, a mishmash of letter-and-number codes, acronyms and crunched words that looked straight out of a secret mission code.

They are using pictures of attractive women to entice users to connect on sex chats.

There are several such active pages, but cops are barely doing anything to take them down,” said cyber crime expert Kislay Choudhary, who has worked with Delhi and Noida Police in several cases.

The student of an elite suburban Mumbai school now spends his weekends in a counsellor's couch to "unlearn" the Facebook jargon and learn how not to bare his soul to strangers.

"It's shocking that youngsters put out their lives and most private moments for random strangers to see.


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