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[Thanks to Marcie for the photo of herself with Mary and Art Mardigan.] Maria Georgina Amanda Dub, born at St Denis de la Bouteillerie, Quebec.

Gabrielle Kerouac's stepmother, marrying her father Louis L'vesque in Nashua, 1904, and having two children by him; Loretta (1905) and Robert (1907).

Auden, Chester Kallman and Alan Ansen in New York, 1950s.

Born Jacksonville, Florida, to fruit-picker parents. Grew up in the Bronx, New York, trained as nurse but became secretary/ bookkeeper.

Many of them have been married for several years, and they tried everything in sex and thought that nothing could awake their sexual relations any longer.

However on joining us they had a lot of new sexual feelings.

In 1937 fought in the Spanish Civil War, one of two Americans chosen to lead guerrilla warfare behind Franco's lines. Several of his pieces of writing published in the New Masses.

We hang around in bars and clubs inviting new couples to join the community.

We hope every time you visit, you find hope, encouragement, support and most of all, the strength to live your dreams and goals.

Voices4Hope was created by and for teenagers and young adults with mental health challenges as a place where they can talk to each other and gain access to information that will help them live more and independent lives.

Voices4Hope offers you: Tips on how to achieve your goals; Resources to help you overcome certain challenges; The change to share your personal story; and The opportunity to join Hot Topic discussions.

Cope Care Deal – A mental health site for teens: Learning Ways to Cope, Taking Care of Yourself, Understanding the Facts.


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