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It’s not the case now, but in the past, my mother was beautician, so I was brought up with the mindset that not only makeup, but skincare is important too. As I mentioned before, since I grew up watching my mother put on makeup, my first inspiration can’t be anyone else but her.Maybe for others, it might be a princess in a (comic) or movie, but my first driving force was my mother.Again very raw and off-the-cuff, with some amusingly awkward and nervous moments - but the content is pretty good. The first 6 or so David-Only monologue discs do grow on you, though. Over repeat viewings some very thoughtful concepts emerge and I see that Dave wasn't just trying to fill up nine discs so he could charge me a lot of money LOL. David De Angelo's "Advanced Series" is an EXCELLENT resource for newbies to evict their inner wuss/AFC and is comprehensive enough to really get your alpha attitude developed.(With exchange it had cost about 33 dollars per DVD - pretty fancy for the very basic production values.) Sometimes you can't really hear what people off-stage are saying, or hear the audience reactions; there are no overhead room mics so the audio wasn't that well planned or likely even mixed (overhead mics would have made the simple visuals feel more 'live' and seem easier to watch.) Also, we at home are never shown the power-point visuals they are showing to the live audience and so we often feel left out. I will say this worked for me (a gradual learner, gathering more each viewing) and that's important. The Dating Gurus CD series is also incredibly useful and perhaps supreme value. Watching this DVD set was pivotal for me when I first got into the game. NLP, solidifying inner game, fun cocky & funny lines to use, gimmicks and props, ways you can improve yourself, sex techniques, getting into threesomes, attraction theory, enjoying the lifestyle, online dating tips, etc. In my opinion, this is the best David D has to offer. Even so, it's heavy on theory and light on actual technique.

Hypnotica – Hypnotica has worked with and trained thousands of strippers and a lot of other people in the sex industry.

Towards the end, you'll get pickup lines, but you'll be less dependent, and more confident. I first got into this with david d stuff.i like the way he diesects the underlying reason women feel attraction.

I know you dont need to know this to make it work ,but the vah has similar threads on attraction theory through it .

Face and body – if those two sections are not balanced, I think you won’t be able to achieve a perfect outfit.

Other than the bare-faced concept, fashion and makeup are closely related.


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