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A computer then combines these images into a detailed view that shows any abnormalities or tumors.

Sometimes, the doctor will inject a special dye called a contrast medium into a patient’s vein to create more detail in the images.

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The 3D/4D scan is not a diagnostic procedure and does not replace any of your NHS scans.Drink too little and it’s possible to suffer some potentially serious health problems.However, to complicate matters, drinking too much also carries health risks. Under normal circumstances, the amount of water in the body is controlled by the thirst response and urine production: you’re thirsty, you drink, you go to the toilet – the water cycle starts again.A total body CT scan generally includes at least the chest, abdomen, and pelvis. One risk of this test is radiation exposure, especially for children.However, the potential benefits of having a CT scan usually outweigh the risks.In 2010, a report from The European Food Safety Authority suggested that the minimum levels of water consumption should be 2 litres for men and 1.6 litres for women, or between eight and ten glasses.


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