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In World War II, New Caledonia became an Allied Base, welcoming over 50,000 American troops fighting in the Pacific.

New Caledonia was made a French Overseas Territory in 1946.

Given New Caledonia’s location on the other side of the world, it was quickly seen as the perfect place to provide a safe prison for political opponents to the various regimes which rose to power in France following the Revolution.

Moreover, the authorities decided that both male and female convicts should be forced to remain in New Caledonia for a period equivalent to the duration of their prison sentence, with the aim of boosting the colony’s population. During this period, New Caledonia was the scene of several Kanak uprisings, the most famous being the rebellion led by Great Chief Ataï in 1878.

Valls acknowledged the increasing tensions in November, promising better security on the island, and noting that: "Even if we do everything we can to avoid it, we anticipate that the future will involve ...

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He noted that the country was populated by Melanesians (ancestors of the Kanaks).

On 24 September 1853, Rear Admiral Febvrier Despointes annexed New Caledonia on behalf of France to forestall any move by the British. The city of Noumea, the present capital of New Caledonia, was founded in 1854.

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