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It’s very easy to blame your exes for why your past relationships went wrong but, as they say, it takes two to tango.If you don’t admit your part and grow emotionally you’ll make the same mistakes time and time again in any new relationships.They get attention by buying the whole house a round.They want to draw ladies in with impressive shows of wealth and end up blowing their whole wad at the bar on rounds.Let’s face it, men just aren’t designed for monogamy.It’s only the fear of getting caught that makes most guys keep it at home, and in their pants. What if you could successfully navigate a marriage and a string of dates without having to choose? We can teach you how to get some on the side-even how to get a LOT on the side-without getting caught!

A third said they did it to satisfy materialistic desires, such as wanting to buy luxury-brand products.Sharyn Wolf, CSW, is a Manhattan-based therapist (and homeowner), and the author of "Guerrilla Dating Tactics," Her work has been profiled in "The New York Times, Newsweek," and other publications.A frequent guest on television and radio, she has appeared on "Oprah" and CNN.This helps keep your date happy, your wife happy, and most importantly, helps keep you happy!Spend Your Cash On Dudes This should be obvious, but it’s the problem that dudes who are looking to get out in the dating world always make.When you’re worried about getting caught, anxiety can make it difficult for you to relax and have a good time, even if you’re one of the luckiest guys in the world with a long string of lovers.


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    Yes, there are pitfalls – high expectations and the fear of ruining what you have among them – but if you go into it with your eyes open, who’s to say it won’t work out?

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    You can check in on where you stand during the voting process.