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Some speculated that the group will be emboldened and seek retaliation, while others wondered if it might founder without its supreme leader. Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda's theological leader, as its leader.

Bin Laden's death was followed in June by the demise of another powerful, top-ranking al-Qaeda leader, Fazul Abdullah Mohammed.

In early May the London-based jihadi scholar Hani al-Siba‘i issued a statement calling on Zawahiri to broker a reconciliation between the two sides, citing “what happened in terms of the smoke surrounding the issue of the breaking of ties.” The appeal recalled al-Siba‘i’s request several years back that Zawahiri clear up the issue of the Islamic State’s historical connection to al-Qaida.

In that case Zawahiri responded with a detailed answer.

Thousands of volunteers from around the Middle East came to Afghanistan as mujahideen, warriors fighting to defend fellow Muslims.US President Donald Trump signed an executive order in January threatening to pull funding for so-called "sanctuary cities" if they do not comply with federal immigration law After the United State and its allies began bombing ISIS in August, its followers on Twitter were sure the prophesied battle was upon them.“Thirty states remain to complete the number of eighty [nations] that will gather in Dabiq and begin the battle,” tweeted one. They will see that if Trump, unprovoked by any terrorist outrage, will act with such self-defeating vigour, then a few bombs or shootings directed at American targets will lead to more scatter-gun persecution of Muslims – which is exactly what they want It’s easy to conclude that ISIS’ leaders cited the prophesy cynically.Being able to find and hook up with one of them is often the challenge that so many men face these days.Whether you are a resident who is lucky enough to call Chicago home or you are simply visiting the city for business or pleasure, Chicago Babes offers the men of the city a valuable service.The 9/11 Commission Report cites Bin laden meeting with Iraqi intelligence officials in Khartoum as early as 1995. 1 for America as well." Some liberals seem to have a problem calling this group what it is, a terrorist organization, and prefer to use the more "politically correct" terms: militant organization and its members rebels.


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