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There’s nothing more overwhelming and fascinating than planning a perfect union of two hearts in love. Here’s an impressive display of wedding gowns to inspire bride-to-be’s in choosing their own . CECILIO ABAD He is one of Manila’s most sought after designers to date.

While the journey to the altar will keep the lovebirds more than busy with wedding planning, some merely borderlines to being, demanding stress over their own wedding. They say a woman is most beautiful on her wedding day, but a Veluz bride creates an aura more than stunning. VEEJAY FLORESCA In the quest of creating a name in the Philippine Fashion scene, young designer Veejay Floresca has also conquered the wedding industry. He specializes in uniquely crafted, bespoke wedding couture. JAZEL SY Jazel Sy Fashion Shop was founded on the core of helping people realize their dreams and excellent customer service. CARY SANTIAGO He is Cebu’s premier designer who weaves art in his collection. RAJO LAUREL Rajo is passionate about his work, progressive, and very much a keen businessman.

Yuki when I watch your movie in the Mischievous Kiss I fell in love with you , your so cute when youre shy , you look cool and handsome when your serious , you look independent when your quiet and you are really smart. In the name of many young and old russian fans) hey have you ever thought about doing a ( mischievous kiss 3) i would like to see that. Then I see the trailer for Itazura na kiss-love in Tokyo. Sadly, if I do ever be an actress, it will be in America. I saw him in Itazura na kiss: Love in Tokyo for the first time. What I love in him is his personality and his love for him fans. Yuki-san, I like your cold face in Itazura na Kiss, wahaha... It looks cool and calm so i love it and you were caught by my attention. PLEASE , if there's a chance, PLEASE go to Lipa, Batangas! girl fan lol in australia who is korean, i love all your dramas but especially "love in tokyo". I Live Here In Philippines , I See Most Of The Comment Live Here In Philippines And They Want To Meet Both Of You Miki Honoka, Were Hoping You Read This . The movies and Drama series I watched is Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo, High School Debut, Bitter Sugar and Rich man, Poor man. Your not just a great actor but your a great dancer and a model too.

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