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This Welsh glamour model has gotten her feet soaked in the sports world, having been with polo player Jamie Morrison and footballers Matthew Collins, Nery Castillo and Jermain Defoe.

Grid Girls continue to be the best part of the race.

From feisty WAGs and vivacious cheerleaders to beautiful athletes and their breathtaking fans, these women have laid the sod down for a sexy future. Their pics continue to entertain, having set a standard that can't be eclipsed. After the team won the Lombardi Trophy in 1973, it was easy for their sexy cheerleaders to exert bright smiles. The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders may be the best in the league, but it's Ashton Torres who keeps them prospering.

While her breathtaking poses on the field are always appreciated, it's her pregame ritual here that presents fans with the ultimate motivation.

At the moment I'm on a job hunt, so I may think about "dressing for success" more than the average person.

I think it's fun to work where business casual is the norm but there's room for style.


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