Vamos a ver algunos de los problemas más graves que hemos hallado durante nuestro uso de esta web.El mayor contra que le hemos encontrado a Fdating es el mismo que le ven muchos otros usuarios.No dejes que tus amigos te sigan organizando citas y encuentra a una persona para ti, no hay nada cmo enamorarse, y no hay nadie como Fdating para hacer que suceda, nete ahora!Hace un año y medio que entré en este sitio y he conocido mujeres interesantes.Their business model caters to the scammers and their own objective of increased traffic at your or the victim's expense.All of the positive reviews are by site management.I agree with the other negative posts about FDating using scammers.I submit the following: a woman in Ukraine scammed me, and has been scamming other men for years.

They do not do anything to remove those fakes from the site..

I reported the full details to FDating, including the name and ID number of the woman in question.

They asked me for "proof" and when I told them what I had, they simply ignored me. So I then reported this woman to THREE anti-scam websites.

This website is collecting your personal information - probably to use themselves or for resale to other websites - promoting Russian and Ukranian women!! I have met some of them and it is all about what she can scam from you.

Some of them are not obvious and others just want to get you on the hook for an all paid vacation and sbopping.


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