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Ferrell can barely be roused from his slumber; he seems exhausted and depressed, and it’s sort of hard to blame him. (1999) In case you forgot, the mid-to-late-’90s film featured a series of floppy-haired, dopey white nerds writing and starring in self-aggrandizing, amateurish, winsome “indie comedies” about how difficult it is for winsome, dopey white nerds to find love.

What if you threw an improv-comedy movie but no one bothered to show up? partner Donal Lardner Ward wrote and directed this DOA “comedy” about an ’80s band (led by Ward, featuring Ferrell as the bassist) that gets back together when a rock-label seductress (Jennifer Love Hewitt, naturally) puts them on a reality show.

Amanda Beckett is single and on the night of this party-- a party I'll be attending, a party she'll be attending.

Denise, Amanda and I have to finish what we started four years ago.

After wowing fans with hits like Tears From Heaven and Cocaine, the guitar great told the audience, "I want to thank you for helping me celebrate.

This is the best birthday I ever had." Clapton turned 70 in March (15). Now I'm known as a guy who used to be known as a horrible, horrible womaniser...

columnist Drew Magary touched upon a common, but often undiscussed, male behavior: When a dude invites a lady friend over to “just hang out” and “watch a movie” (top-secret guy code for “try to get his fuck on”), he often plays a film he’s seen countless times before: If I’m having sex with the TV on, it’s not gonna be prestige TV.

Fact: John Mayer, Jimmie Vaughan, Derek Trucks and Doyle Bramhall were among the stars who helped Eric Clapton belatedly celebrate his 70th birthday at the second of two Madison Square Garden shows in New York on Sunday night (03May15).

Yeah, then I can press it in between my yearbook with my prom corsage. You're only leaving tomorrow, but, you know, whatever.

I mean, nice to tell me that you changed your plans. Now why do you wanna go to this party tonight and look back?

movie career — and he has been gone from the show for 13 years — has been among the most successful in the show’s history; he has now been headlining big-budget studio comedies for more than a decade.

This means there’s a trove of Ferrell movies to dig through and rank. Now, to properly rank Ferrell movies, we had to put down some ground rules: No movies in which Ferrell is only a voice actor — this excludes films to feature Ferrell, though there’s an aspect of that; it’s more a ranking of the films by their maximizing of Ferrell’s essence.


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