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The European Patent application process consists of two phases: the grant phase and the validation phase.

The grant phase begins after the European Patent application is filed.

Our experienced project managers and IP professionals oversee every step of the process ensuring that all national requirements are completed accurately and by deadline.

If you prefer to use your current agent for the actual EP validation, you can still partner with Morningside to obtain substantial cost savings on the translations required for validating in your designated countries.

Accordingly, if your invention is worth patenting, it is probably worth patenting in Europe. Patent rights are national rights: to obtain patent rights in a country, you must file a patent application for that country.

However, there are two routes for obtaining patent protection in Europe.

Malta became member state of the European Patent Organisation in 2007.

Since the very beginning of Malta's Membership we are entrusted by leading International Law Firms & IP Agencies to carry out Malta EP Validations for their clients.

When the European Patent Office (EPO) agrees that an application is ready to be granted, there are various procedures that must be followed and actions to be completed within certain time limits.

If validation is filed by post, please do not staple the papers.

Please also avoid that the filed pages include the agent’s or other reference numbers, etc.

Morningside IP is a global leader in EP validation services, providing a high-quality, cost-effective solution for validating granted European patents in all EPO member states.

Morningside streamlines the EP validation process, reducing the administrative burden for our clients while also substantially reducing translation and agency costs.


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