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Brothels are illegal and pimping is a serious offense, considered by the law similar to slavery.

While commercial sex takes place in upscale brothels and designated red-light areas in many countries, some places of this world are limited to private apartments and the street.

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It's adult language kids have developed as they play with adult toys.

The problem is that even if your children aren't using the language, chances are someone they are texting or talking to in cyberspace is. They are immature, impulsive and in a period in their life of experimentation." Horry County Schools have a plan in place to deal with kids who take inappropriate pictures or send inappropriate messages.

She wants to break down the silence around vaginas – and change the world in the process.

With camera phones and webcams, they're taking pictures of themselves too, and those pictures are reaching the masses. "He forwarded it to everybody of the girl and stuff." It's a problem schools are meeting head on. Cindy Thibodeau says they have to think about it because the messages and pictures are following children into the classroom. While staffmembers keep their eyes peeled, Thibodeau says her best defense is the students.

"What we have is a network of children that trust us, and if things are going on they will come and let us know," she said.

Is it really any wonder that so many people end up believing myths about their bits when we hardly ever talk about the glory of vaginas?

Really, it’s no surprise at all that people think periods are ‘gross’, that their labia should be teeny tiny, that their pubic area needs to be free of hair, when the only vaginas we see and discuss are the ones that are in porn. ’ Florence’s found further motivation for the campaign from stats from the Eve Appeal, which reported that only half of women aged between 26 and 35 are able to correctly label the vagina on a diagram. ‘This isn’t just a problem in itself,’ says Florence.


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