Put a cork in it speed dating

Speed dating in Leicester is open to women and men looking for love or friendship.

Women can often feel extremely nervous about speed dating, but there is no reason to worry.

You should also be careful asking about existing children, unless they come up in conversation naturally.

Other inappropriate questions that are best avoided on a first date of any type include ‘how much do you earn?

Be prepared to put aside preconceived ideas you may have of speed dating in England as well.

If this is the case, then it is perfectly acceptable to take a friend, or even put together a group of friends to go.Attending a speed dating UK based night with your best single friends can even make it more fun than if you had been on your own.Plus it means that when you arrive you won’t feel out of place or awkward because you have no one to speak to.However, if you do take friends with you it is important to not just stick with them all the time.Before the event starts, there is usually the opportunity to mingle at the bar, for example (depending on the venue).If this is the case, use that time wisely and don’t huddle together with your friends if at all possible.


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