Cal newman dating seiko

Please feel free to ask any questions regarding this or any of my other watches.The strap will fit your watch only if the lug width of the watch is the same width as the strap.

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Eric Clapton, and the third belongs to John Goldberger, who was nice enough to show it to us here.

For watches with folding clasps, please choose a strap specially made for your particular clasp.

The strap length is the combined length of the short strap side 3A (without buckle) and the long strap side 3B.

( probably some action/discussion over at another watch forum initials “T.

Z.” as well, but as I’m sure all dissent has been thoroughly squelched by the Dictators who masquerade as “Moderators” over there I won’t give them the dignity of a mention; of course this also a topic of discussion for another time).


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