Who is natalie gulbis dating now

Gulbis, who followed Johnson on the back nine at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions, told that they are in fact dating, but said the questions about the two can go through the four-time PGA Tour winner.While the official news is now on the table, rumors of the relationship have been circling around golf circles for months. But yes, ludicrously hot golfer Natalie Gulbis is not actually dating fellow golfer Dustin Johnson.Natalie Gulbis, easily one of the hottest female athletes in the known universe, is reportedly in a relationship with fellow golfer Dustin Johnson.There are many athletes who have moved on to political activism once retiring from their sports careers.While many of these athletes do not become involved enough to run for office, one LPGA pro is looking to move straight from the Tour to the Capitol.The possibility of Gulbis gaining a nomination and winning the seat isn’t as much of a stretch as you might think.

It was the magazine’s special “Sex In Sports” edition, and Jan was going to be the first woman to pose for the cover.

LPGA golfer Natalie Gulbis says Caitlyn Jenner's breasts are not going to be an issue ... saying she's seen Cait bang the balls and the girls ain't hurting her.

Look, this isn't something we just pulled out of our butts -- back before the transformation, Bruce himself (as she was known back then) raised the issue ...

It was a major coup for Stephenson, who at the time was little more than a 26-year-old Australian prospect with a handful of LPGA Tour wins to her name.

Stephenson had been drafted by then-LPGA Tour Commissioner Ray Volpe to be the face of a new-look tour, a role Stephenson was more than willing to play, and the Sport magazine cover was going to be the first step towards realizing that plan. Jan was caught off guard, but she didn’t really mind. “It’s already gone to print.” The criticism came pouring in, but so did the attention — a currency the LPGA Tour had been starved of since its inception. Journalists gave the women’s game little attention, and because revenue from spectators was all but nonexistent, the money players competed for was primarily each others.


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