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However if you can’t skip this error, then you have to play the console offline until a fix is released. I am a hardcore Final Fantasy fan and lover of JRPGs.

You can always keep up to date with the Xbox Insider program using the link below!

I tried to test this issue and found that it is indeed the case as I was forced to look for update leading to an error.

The console then locks out the user until they either choose to turn off the Xbox One or skip update and play the console offline, which might prove to be troublesome for those who are playing online multiplayer.

No it's a separate file , you go to manage game, select it then press start and uninstall then re install. I went down to "Updates", waited for it to Sync, the Skyrim update popped up, I hit download, I was redirected to a Console update instead, downloaded that, which restarted my Xbox again to install it.

Literally just did it to fix the issue with updates, all mods are still there. Then I signed back on, this time I checked the "Updates" section again, this time it didn't pop up, so I tapped Skyrim and it backed out and gave me the update prompt, this time it's downloading no problem.


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