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Net Compulsions like compulsive on-line play, gambling, stock mercantilism, or compulsive use of on-line auction sites like e Bay, typically leading to monetary and job-related issues.

Information Overload compulsive internet water sport or info looking, resulting in lower work productivity and fewer social interaction with family and friends.

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Research found that “women carrying female fetuses exhibited a heightened inflammatory response when their immune system was challenged, compared to women carrying male fetuses.” This means women having a girl experience excessive inflammation that can be stressful to the body and can contribute to sickness-related symptoms, such as achiness and fatigue.

“It’s important to think about supporting healthy immune function, which doesn’t necessarily mean boosting it — it’s problematic to have too little or too great of an immune response.

"Internet Addiction otherwise referred to as laptop addiction, on-line addiction, or net addiction disorder (IAD), covers a range of impulse-control issues, including: sexual arousal Addiction compulsive use of net smut, adult chat rooms, or adult fantasy role-play sites impacting negatively on real-life intimate relationships.

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