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It has more to do with how organized I was with my booksmarks at the time. Corridors of Power and it's Epilogue by byblythe (Harry/Draco/R). Another story that is just so goddamn *smart* and *intelligent*. I can think of many fics that I believe should be here, and I just haven't added them yet. Beyond the Lethe by zionstarfish (Harry/Draco/PG-13). This is one of the most brilliant pieces of fanficion written. so if there’s anyone out there, like me, who only recently saw the error of their ways and the bleakness of their lives before shipping wolfstar, and want some good fic to read, hopefully this list can be of assistance.or if you’re an old shipper looking to revisit some fics or in need of some new ones.

Hagrid is an enormous man, being a half-giant, but despite his large frame he is gentle as a mouse.

Nearly all of these stories have explicit descriptions of male/male sex. Below are recs for Harry Potter, due South, Stargate Atlantis, Pirates of the Caribbean, ST: Reboot, Sherlock Holmes, and Miscellaneous Brilliance I've run across. By that I mean, witty, sly, and clever, just cracking writing.

This is by no means inclusive or a reflection on anyone's writing. She calls it schmoopy, I think everyone else says romantic.

A Frayed and Threadbare Wish by sansa1970 (Harry/Draco/Draco/R).

This is one of my favorite writers, who always intrigues with plot and characterization. It's tricky to get into the story, but give it time. A Lifetime of Calamities Followed by Dangerous Illnesses by byblythe (Harry/Draco/R). A Thousand Beautiful Things and its Delicate Sound of Thunder, by Duinn Fionn (Harry/Draco/R).


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