Rss graffiti not updating Dateing chat robot

Now if you are a blogger or webmaster, you must be searching for alternate ways to auto post to facebook, as it seemed to be only app or service available of its kind. 2) Hoot Suite – Hootsuite also allows you for message management for ypto three social networks. The only thing which concern several users is that they are skeptic to activate wordpress or facebook through IFTTTT as they may think how secure is the service.Now, here is an article trying to find alternatives to this amazing service. And the favourite thing about this service is thats its completely free. 3) 4) If you are a PHP geek, you can try a painful but foolproof method and fully independent method . Although it requires programming skills, but its ok to take the pain in the start rather than being dependent on external services and feeling the heat once they shutdown.Here’s how you can do it too: Go to the Facebook Pages page and click ‘Create Page‘ in the upper right corner. Pick ‘Artist, band or public figure‘ and choose ‘Journalist‘ from the drop-down menu that then appears. You can add an image and make various other customisations.Type their name in the next box, and tick the box agreeing to the terms. But the main thing we need to do is to set it up so that the page automatically publishes updates whenever the journalist publishes a new article.Click ‘Edit page‘ in the upper right corner of the page.

You can chose to target a specific fan page, or your personal page; and whether you are posting on behalf of a specific fan page or from your personal page.So while many people (maybe even you) are panicking over RSS Graffiti's demise -- we have great news! but with Post Planner you get everything they had and a whole lot more!Post Planner is different from RSS Graffiti in many ways.The tool that helped bloggers auto-publish their blog posts to Facebook is no more. Their management explained their reasons for shutting down in a note on their homepage: Basically, they couldn't make enough money from paid users to support their free ones.It's a common problem for a lot of SAAS businesses.Rebekah Radice Rebekah Radice is an award winning writer, digital marketing strategist, founder of Rebekah Radice Media and Global Brand Ambassador at Post Planner.


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