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Mainly, however, Apple Script relies on the functionality of applications and processes to handle complex tasks.

As a structured command language, Apple Script can be compared to Unix shells, the Microsoft Windows Script Host, or IBM REXX in its purpose, but it is unique from all three.

Results Of 1213 women, 631 (51.3%) were classified as low risk and 591 discontinued oral anticoagulant treatment.

In the primary analysis, 17 low risk women who discontinued anticoagulants developed recurrent VTE during 564 patient years of follow-up (3.0% per patient year, 95% confidence interval 1.8% to 4.8%).

Patients who do not bleed during this time, termed “anticoagulant experienced” patients, are at lower risk of major bleeding with ongoing treatment (1.3% per year).7 Major bleeding is fatal in 11.3% of affected patients.6Guidelines recommend long term anticoagulant treatment in patients with unprovoked VTE with non-high bleeding risks, but this is based on weak evidence (grade 2B)11 owing to closely balanced competing risks and burdens of recurrent VTE and major bleeding.

in the LFAQ section; there are also articles about web site testing and management in the 'Resources' section.Hi can anyone give me a simple XML example based on this XSD file which can be validate? i'm beginner to XSD and don't understand whole of this document! but i want to have a example to generate a XML with php based on this file which can be validate! Essential to its functionality is the fact that Macintosh applications publish "dictionaries" of addressable objects and operations.Apple Script has some elements of procedural programming, object-oriented programming (particularly in the construction of script objects), and natural language programming tendencies in its syntax, but does not strictly conform to any of these programming paradigms.Apple Script has some processing abilities of its own, in addition to sending and receiving Apple events to applications.


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