Fox dating show take me out

After the cancellation of George Lopez's talk show "Lopez Tonight” late last year, the Mexican-American comedian has been on a TV hiatus.

Until tonight when Lopez makes a comeback as host and matchmaker on Fox's new dating reality series "Take Me Out.” The premiere of "Lopez Tonight" back in November 2009 marked TBS' first attempt to break into the late night scene.

I read, travel, paddle through life with my significant other, and anxiously await the need next expressed by Mystery Cat. My favorite drink was a vodka martini, and I made a mean one. #takemeout “So let the hotdog see the buns” most ridiculous show ever. did Mindy just say her cat’s name is “meow meow meow meow”? #Takemeout Okay that bubbly little blonde girl needs to be knocked the f out #takemeout #takemeout Can you change the show to an all Mindy format? My goals were to record my progress, and to meet other people who like spinning a knife around in the kitchen. #Take Me Out – every dating show has to have a girl named Mindy on it #Good Lord #Take Me Out – it’s a Mindy!A contestant on an ITV dating show revealed he was desperate to find the 'one' in Facebook messages posted before he killed himself.Charlie Watkins, who died before his appearance on Take Me Out aired on Saturday, had 'never recovered from the tragic loss of his mother', a family statement said.As the rounds progress and more women declare themselves disinterested, the tables are turned, and the bachelor gets to eliminate the women he's not interested in.


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