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To eliminate this confusion, Auto CAD 2018.1 the “Layers Properties Manager” now includes an icon that clues a user to any XREF overrides that exist on a specific layer.

If a drafter hovers their cursor over the layer, any overrides that are present will be spelled out in a pop-up dialog box.

The new layer is manageable in the Auto CAD Polyline drawing but does not appear in the Layer Manager following a Publish. Here is the problem we are having with every drawing.

If a change is made to the externally referenced drawing, such as moving a wall, the change shows up in the host drawing but does not update in the Graphic after Publish. It's as if the Publish command does not "see" that the XREF has changed and it's using a cached image of it instead. These drawings were all processed during the platform upgrade recently and the problem became apparent after that. Is there something in the upgrade process that does something to the xrefs?

All testing in our QA environment has not replicated this issue, xrefs are always updating in my tests thus far.

XREF layers are critical for drafters who have to reference external documents to create their own drawings.

However, XREF overrides change style types of an attached drawing, which can confuse a drafter when working with stacks of referenced models.


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