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I don’t think they feel any more exploited than all of us workers feel exploited.

We all have to work to live, and most of us would rather be doing something else.

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my Lot is an enormous discussion board, blogging community, questions and answers hub, social network and online hangout that pays you for your valuable contributions. Because I had to work all day, I couldn't get up to see her to wish her a happy birthday. Some here wanted me to put a photo of my baked ziti First I am very please with it. I wasn't sure how to use it but our grandson Brandon came over and helped me hook it up. I went out for a simple oil change and to drop off the box at the UPS to send back the old worn out wi-fi device.

Many years after my first blowjob-for-money experience, I went through a bi-curious phase and I guess I have to say now that I’m really a bisexual who leans hetero. Like Chelsea, Scarlett's family was involved in construction until the recession devastated the family-run business.

Speaking only for myself, if my only two choices were becoming a warehouse picker for Amazon for an hour, or sucking dicks ten times a day for bucks a pop, I’d buy me some kneepads. Working the early shift, she's a rangy 33-year-old with a matter-of-fact way about her; Scarlett comes off as a straight-shooter.

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That's what my husband and I were doing, working with my brother and my dad. Soldiers and sailors and airmen used to come by the thousands, flush with American dollars to spend on cheap beer and pretty girls, and the pretty girls came by the thousands, too, because the money was so much better than anything else they could do, and sometimes—not often, but with the same frequency that sells lottery tickets—a soldier or a sailor fell in love with a girl he met in a bar and married her and took her away.

I can see there is a light breeze outside my window. Some camping sites are better than others but this... I like to listen to piano music at work so it feels like I'm playing along while typing on my computer keyboard. I would study in my bedroom, and I would teach the material I needed to learn to a class of imaginary students.

I've put on some amazing classical concert performances sitting at my desk. On the chalkboard my dad installed in my bedroom, I would...

See below for some top-rated discussions from the last couple of days. We are in a very pleasant camping ground in France at the moment. My husband being home and the first part of the day was great. It's a cool morning here but shaping up to be a nice day. She doesn't have a phone in her room at the nursing home, so I couldn't call her. I got the oil change and before I left there they made sure that the battery went down and that I now need a...

Ain't it weird how if you aren't active posting any discussions/responses/comments that no one interacts with you and your bank just lays there like a squashed animal in the middle of the road? So I was perusing the forum and I suddenly realized... Because if I was someone else, I might be eating weird food, or following weird customs, or making weird purchases, or doing something else weird like... The sun is shining and supposed to get to 70 F today. We have shade for our motor-home and the toilet block is nearby although we do have a toilet in the vehicle. My husband called a few hours ago and said the tire went flat (blown, whatever-wasn't... I just had my breakfast and thinking about heading out for my morning walk soon. I had a weird way of studying when I was in high school.


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