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Her performance in Manny & Lo garnered a nomination for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Lead Female, and positive reviews, one noting, "[the film] grows on you, largely because of the charm of ...

Scarlett Johansson", while San Francisco Chronicle critic Mick La Salle commentated on her "peaceful aura", and wrote, "If she can get through puberty with that aura undisturbed, she could become an important actress.".

She would audition for commercials but took rejection so hard her mother began limiting her to film tryouts.They reportedly hit Manhattan's Upper East Side Saturday night for dinner and drinks at East Pole. They were reportedly hanging all over each other and making out at the cast after-party that night.By all accounts the dinner was much more chill, but had the look of a more serious date.Then there’s this email that came in earlier this week from a reader called K: A dear friend and I have been wondering when we might see speculation about Jenny Slate and Chris Evans possibly having broken up.The reason for our wondering is that we attended Jenny's comedy show "Big Terrific" in LA over the weekend of January 13th and, much to our sadness, Jenny did not perform any stand up since she'd had, in her words, a "real sh-t-kicker of a week." She was visibly not herself throughout the evening and ended up reading selections from her self-published book that she wrote with her father (which was quite good) in lieu of comedy.When Stern offered to set her up with some of his comedian friends, including David Spade and Louis C.


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