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Back in the Swinging ’60s, one of the coolest things hip companies could do was own a guitar company.

After all, guitar-driven pop music was red hot, especially after the success of the Beatles in ’64.

) bought Guild, Gulf and Western (oil) bought Merson/Unicord (Univox), King Korn Stamp Company (trading stamps) bought Westheimer Sales (Teisco, Kingston). At least Baldwin made musical instruments, although, as it would turn out, that didn’t make much difference in the final outcome.

Even new guitar importing companies were fueled by money from elsewhere: Strum & Drum (Norma) came from nuts and bolts; W. James Ormston Burns was born in England in 1925 and following World War II became involved in making guitars.

Seeking to compete in the market for budget-grade instruments, in 1970, Martin began importing acoustic guitars made by subcontractors in Japan.

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I hope this is not an inapproriate request, I realise that everyone is very busy, but this has been one of my favourite accoustics for almost 40 years, and I would like to know a little more about its origin.See below for the formula used to tell the year of manufacture.View Pro Series Guitars Japanese-made Takamine models distributed in Japan have their own serial-numbering scheme that can be used to reliably date them. me know if you find a definitive (or orugh will do) statement - I will post it (attributed of course) good luck Can you date a hagstrom from the serial number? No, Hagstroms can not be dated by the number alone.I read recently that the first two numbers are the year, but this seems wrong to me at least sometimes. Hagstrom do publish a serial number book, but (if my memory serves) the money from the sales of the book goes to the Hagstrom workers pension scheme or something - so I think they've asked for it not to be reproduced....The remaining four digits denote the instrument’s sequential number of manufacture among all the instruments made during the month indicated.


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